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MONOTYPE - A monotype is a one of a kind image developed on a flat surface like plexiglass using oil or water based inks or paints. The image is transferred to paper by hand rubbing the back of the paper or by passing plate and paper through an etching press. Various painting and printmaking techniques can be combined to create the image.

COLLAGRAPH - A collagraph is a print taken from an assemblage or collage of materials glued to a rigid support such as masonite. A protective coating of gel medium is applied. The collage is then inked with oil based inks and paper is placed on top. The back of the paper is then hand rubbed or more often rolled through an etching press. Multiple prints can be made from the same collagraph plate. 

SOLAR PLATE ETCHING - Solar plate etching is a printing method which eliminates the need for toxic etching chemicals. An image is transferred to a polymer coated metal plate by exposing the plate to sunlight or an artificial source of UV light. The plate is washed with water and the polymer hardened by additional light exposure. The image, now etched into the plate, is ready to be inked and printed as intaglio or relief.  Computer generated, hand drawn, or copy machine made transparencies  are several ways to generate the image to be used for the etching.

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